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Caring - We care and collaborate together


What we want to see you doing

  • Caring about the needs of the children, keeping them at the heart of all you do
  • Caring about and valuing everyone in the Cloverlea family
  • Being nurturing and loving in your approach, making people feel cared for
  • Making children feel safe and secure
  • Listening to children and families to understand their perspective
  • Being open minded to others views
  • Being welcome and approachable
  • Creating an inclusive and diverse environment for everyone
  • Valuing teamwork and working well in a team
  • Supporting and showing compassion to others when they need it
  • Communicating with others in a way that shows you care about their needs
  • Building positive relationships with staff, children and families
  • Sharing your knowledge, experience and time to help others
  • Showing integrity and honesty in your relationships with others
  • Being fair and consistent in how you treat people