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PE and Sport

Physical Education at Cloverlea


  • All children can achieve the aims of the national curriculum through a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum
  •  Staff adapt plans to meet the needs of individuals and groups - this might mean going back to plans programmed for younger groups to secure knowledge and skills
  •  A commitment from staff to develop children across different domains- physically, cognitively and socially and emotionally
  • Children know how to learn skills and knowledge and apply it.
  • Delivery through the Principles of Assessment for Learning
  • Children experience traditional and ‘new’ sports.
  • Careful monitoring of the progress of individuals, groups, classes and year groups


  • All children receive 2 hours of high quality Physical Education each week regardless of the weather or other external factors.
  • A commitment that all children are active. 
  • Inclusivity by putting support for children with SEND in line with other subjects and differentiating using STEP.
  • Children unable to take part are included by involving them in activities related to the lesson e.g. umpiring.
  • A range of teaching styles and strategies are used to deliver the curriculum. 
  • Children are given different challenges e.g. 6 v 4 to develop skills, knowledge and behaviours.


  • Children progress in different domains of learning
  • Parents are informed of the levels of attainment and achievement of their children verbally and/or in writing
  • Children understand how to improve. 
  • Support and challenge is provided for learners.
  • All children’s achievements are valued.

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