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Welcome to our PTA

We are fortunate at Cloverlea to have a PTA that is well supported by parent volunteers and staff. This enables us to provide a wide range of family activities through the school year, which provide essential funds for the extras that make school even more special for the children. 

Over the past two years we have organised many events including:

  • Discos
  • Christmas Fair
  • Summer Fair
  • Bake and Take
  • Spring Ball

These events have helped to raise funds that have paid for:

  • Classroom furniture
  • Playground equipment
  • Library books
  • Contributions to school trips

........and many more useful resources.

Fundraising Projects

In the past the focus for fundraising has been for the provision of iPads and projectors for the classrooms. The existing projectors had been showing their age - difficult to see in bright conditions and expensive to maintain. The new projectors are much easier to work with and make the classroom environment a brighter place ! The provision of iPads keeps the classroom up to speed with technology. The funds raised by everyone involved has allowed the school to provide additional iPads for the children to use.

The next focus for funds raised is the provision of a new stage and sound system to make the numerous performances even more enjoyable !


The Giving Machine
Every gift you buy will generate a free cash donation to our school if you shop via The Giving Machine