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Reading for Pleasure

At Cloverlea Primary School we recognise that supporting children to become capable and engaged readers plays an important role in their future success. Reading empowers; it facilitates education and employment, and it enriches a child's personal life and growth. Learning to read is therefore a key goal and is fundamental to our English curriculum.

An effective English curriculum not only teaches children how to read, it also inspires them to want to read. Developing the skill to read and the will to read are interrelated. At our school we believe that Reading for Pleasure is significant in children’s lives and their future development.

Our English Lead, Mrs. Brogan has considered current research, debates and challenges that impact on children’s reading and gained knowledge and strategies to help promote reader engagement across our school and community through working with The Open University. 


At Cloverlea Primary School, we follow a simple CheckLIST to support our children on their quest to achieve Reading for Pleasure; 

L - learner led. The children choose what they want to read. 

- Informal. Children sit comfortably and in a relaxed environment.

S - Social. Children talk to their friends & teachers about what they are reading, making recommendations

T - Texts that Tempt. Children have access to a variety of books and reading materials. 

Teachers knowledge of children's literature and how individual children read unpins our pedagogy. 

To find out more about how you can support your child at home, pleasure visit The Open University website here

Examples of Reading for Pleasure