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The Standards Committee

Purpose of Committee

The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that the school provides for its pupils.  The range of responsibilities for the curriculum are shared between the headteacher, the Board of Governors, the LA and the Secretary of State for Education.  The Standards Committee may have responsibility for monitoring test results and teaching of the national curriculum and reviewing the assessment policy, the school visit policy and the school’s provision and policy on sex education, collective worship and RE. It should also monitor provision for pupils with special educational needs or exceptional ability.

It is also responsible for reviewing and updating the Nursery Admission Policy.

Terms of reference:

  • To consider and advise the Board of Governors on standards and other matters relating to the school’s curriculum, including statutory requirements.
  • To consider curricular issues which have implications for Finance and Personnel decisions and to make recommendations to the relevant committees or the Board of Governors
  • To make arrangements for the Board of Governors to be represented at School Improvement discussions with the LA and for reports to be received by the Board of Governors
  • To oversee arrangements for individual governors to take a leading role in specific areas of provision, eg SEN, Literacy, Numeracy.  To receive regular reports from them and advise the Board of Governors.
  • To oversee arrangements for educational visits, including the appointment of a named co-ordinator 
  • To establish and keep under review Critical Incident policy and procedures
  • To oversee Safeguarding arrangements and related policies including the appointment of a named Safeguarding Governor.
  • To monitor and review action plans and schemes in relation to race, disability and gender.
  • To ensure the targeted use of pupil premium funding and to review and monitor the impact on outcomes for pupils
  • To ensure the targeted use of sports premium funding and to review and monitor the impact on outcomes for pupils.
  • To review and update school policies in partnership with the staff and Senior Management Team
  • To annually review, update and implement the Nursery Admission Policy.

These terms of reference agreed by the Board of Governors     

Chair of the Committee    Carole Partington

Quorum (minimum of 3, committee can determine higher number)