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Saturday 16th May

Hi Everyone,


It has been over a week since I last wrote so let me begin by apologising. I am sure you look forward to reading my emails as much as I like look forward to receiving your emails so I will try not to leave it so long next time. As you might know, if you follow the Cloverlea Twitter Feed, Mr McConnell and his wife has had a baby boy called Sonny George who was born on the 13th May. Both mother and baby are doing really well. It looks like Mr McConnell is going to be extremely busy now for a few weeks and months. I also managed to complete my virtual cycling challenge and so I have just started another virtual mission, cycling the Trans Pennine Trail from Southport to Hornsea. 


Well, we have just completed Week 8 and I have been in school working with the Key Worker children during this week. We produced a new banner for the school gate so if you get chance to go and see it please do. It is a dragon and we are very pleased with the way it looks. Mrs Marlow thinks that we should have it as our new school mascot with the motto: 'Standing strong in times of adversity'. I really like that. What do you think?


I can see that a lot of you have been keeping busy with the home learning tasks. I know that you have particularly enjoyed the chilli challenges based around the Stone Age. I have received lots of  messages and photographs telling me this and showing me your model stone age villages. I have been very impressed with the construction of these, so well done. I have produced a new set of chilli challenges for the next few weeks and these are based on Inventors and Inventions. Again this is something that we would have got around to doing in school.


Poppy continues to keep me busy at home. She doesn't like me going to school to help with the Key Workers as she is used to my company at home. I have had to hide all my shoes with insoles at the moment as she has a thing about pulling them out and shredding them. I had to order some new insoles the other day because some of my sketchers soft shoes have them missing. She is a real monkey. She also likes to pick up plant pots (with seedlings) and run around the garden. She got into real trouble the other day because she nearly damaged my tomato seedlings which I had been carefully looking after ready to pot into growbags. I am hoping that she will soon grow out of this and that I will manage to grow some tomatoes and cucumbers this year. I will keep you posted.


It looks like we have got some more nice, warm weather coming so please make the most of it. Next Friday (23rd May) you would have been breaking up for half term so we (Mr McConnell and all the Teachers) have decided to keep to this holiday and stop home learning tasks for two weeks. Horray!!! I hear you shout.

All I ask is that you make sure you make the most of the outdoors during this time and doing the things that you like doing that is not school related. Have fun Year 3. I look forward to seeing your school holiday photographs of your fun and games in the sun.


Keep smiling and keep safe. You are all doing so wonderfully and I am proud of each and everyone of you.


Mrs Dent