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Second half summer term

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Minibeasts  1
Minibeasts  2
Minibeasts  3
Minibeasts  4
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Minibeasts  6

This half term we have been looking at minibeasts. We started our topic by going on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. Here are some of the creature we found. 

Making a Wormery

Making a Wormery  1
Making a Wormery  2
Making a Wormery  3
Making a Wormery  4
Making a Wormery  5
Making a Wormery  6
Making a Wormery  7
Making a Wormery  8
Making a Wormery  9
Making a Wormery  10
Making a Wormery  11

In class we decided to make a wormery. We started by putting layers of soil from our garden and sand into a container. We added some water to make sure the soil was damp and then added dry leaves from the garden to the top. Next we went on a worm hunt in our garden to find some worms to add to our wormery. Finally, we covered our container in dark paper so that it was dark inside our wormery. 

Ladybird biscuits

Ladybird biscuits  1
Ladybird biscuits  2
Ladybird biscuits  3
Ladybird biscuits  4