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This term we have lots of interesting topics to look forward to and we will be sharing photos along the way. 

English - This term, we will be looking at modern fiction in Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Also in our non-fiction work, we will focus on discussion and persuasion texts.

Maths - In Maths, we use White Rose to support our teaching and learning. Our topics include , Formal methods of Multiplication and Division, Fractions, and Decimals and Percentages.

Science - This term's topics are Earth and Space, and Forces.

History - Our work on the past will continue to explore the Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for the kingdom of Britain.

Geography - In Geography, we will be exploring planet Earth, learning about latitude and longitude, the equator, the hemispheres, time zones, biomes and climate zones.

Computing - In our computing work we will be using the Sonic Pi music platform then finding out about data transfer with a focus on the Mars rover..

Jigsaw - Our topics this term are 'Dreams and Goals'  and 'Healthy Me'.

Art - We will be continuing to develop our art skills in a range of projects and media.

Design Technology - We will be learning about strength and stability in structures and completing a project to test out our designs.

PE - On Mondays, the team from AFC will be working with us on our football skills and on Wednesday afternoons we will have the Sports for All team. In addition, on Thursdays, we will be doing Lacrosse with Tom Reid.

RE - Our RE topic is called ''If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?"

French - In our French work, we are building vocabulary and sentences structure with Gulay, our French assistante.


Library books will be changed on Fridays and home readers will be changed on Mondays or Thursdays.

Building bridges in D and T

We have been learning about how bridges are strengthened and we made some of our own mock bridges before building a truss bridge out of wood. We practised marking out and sawing then joining wood securely.

British Science Week

This week, we were lucky to have a STEM ambassador who came to work with us on Forces.

Measuring Force using a Newton Meter

Testing different materials to see how much friction is created when an object slides across them

Football with AJ from Altrincham Football Community Team

Every week we practise and develop our football skills with AJ.

Visit to Altrincham Mosque

To support our learning about places of worship, we visited Altrincham Mosque and found out about its importance in the local community. We also learnt some Arabic.

Art inspired by the African artist Magdalene Odundo

We learnt about how Magdalene designs her colourful pottery and had a go at creating our own design in large, sweeping movements.

NSPCC Number Day

To mark NSPCC number day, we had great fun measuring and recording our heart beats.

Lacrosse matches and development of skills

Lacrosse lessons with Tom Reid

Our completed Viking style bags