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Spring Term

DT - Houses

We have been focusing on architecture this term in a range of subjects. In Design and Technology we designed and constructed our own bungalows / houses using wood and card panels. We spent a number of weeks on this project ensuring that our final homes were of the best quality. We are very pleased with the final outcome. Of course there are areas that we could improve next time but I think you will agree they are well designed and made.

STEM Robotics

The children in Year 5 today (5/3/2019) have enjoyed constructing and programming models made from Lego. In the first part of the morning they refreshed themselves with the basics and constructed a simple model with a motor and then used the App Lego Wedo 2.0 to make it move in different ways. They then used sensors, lights and sound to create a model that not only just moved but made sounds and changed colour. In the second part of the morning they constructed and programmed an Alligator which was more challenging but great fun. 


In the afternoon the children were challenged to build Spirobot - a model that could create patterns just like Spirograph. This project had 33 steps to constructing it and all pairs completed it with great success. Here are the photographs taken from this amazing day.