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Spring Term

Well done Year 6 for your continued hard work and determination!

Our School Value Awards

Well done to all of our values winners for this half term - pupils who continue to demonstrate excellent behaviour and who display our four school values in all you do! You are setting a fantastic example to our younger Cloverlea pupils. 

Year 6 Science Fair - British Science Week

I am so impressed with our Year 6 pupils for planning and hosting a variety of great science activities during our Science Fair afternoon as part of British Science Week. The children planned their experiments as homework and resourced their stalls themselves. They then showcased their investigations to our younger pupils, explaining the science behind why these experiments react in the ways they do. The fair was a bubbling with noise, enthusiasm and lots of learning and we were even joined by parents who came to learn some science! The best quote of the afternoon came from a Year 3 pupil who said, "Science is just like magic!" while captivated by one of the experiments. Well done Year 6!

Geography and History at Manchester High School for Girls

We were lucky enough to be invited back to Manchester High School for Girls, where some of us went earlier in the year for a science afternoon. This time, we all went for an afternoon of humanities linked to our World War topic.


We first had a Geography lesson looking at borders between different countries and how they can be created in different ways through seas, rivers, mountains or dividing land. In small groups, we designed our own borders to separate a land area and explained our reasons behind this.


After that, we had a history lesson that investigated whether Dunkirk was a success or failure for Britain. We looked at different sources to help us decide answer. 

English: A Visit from a Poet

Year 6 really enjoyed their poetry workshop with Andy Tooze, our visiting poet. They learnt and performed one of his poems and then produced some fantastic work of their own on the topic of the future. Well done Year 6 for such superb work!


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Art: sketching

Year 6 enjoyed a morning of sketching their peers in their art lesson. The sketches were based on the work of Henry Moore and linked to our World War topic due to him producing artwork of people sheltering during air raids. We had 'models' from the class who posed in a way they thought people may lie or sit whilst in an air raid shelter and the rest of the class then used these models to help them with the proportions of their drawings.  We hope to produce 3D models following our sketches.

Netball Team

Well done to the Year 6 netball team for their win against Navigation Primary. Mrs Brogan was very impressed with your teamwork and improvements in skill. Great work! 

A Visit from Magistrates

We had a very informative morning with a visit from two local magistrates who told us all about the justice system and the role of magistrates within the community. We learnt about the differences between different courts and how the accused is always innocent until proven guilty. We asked lots of questions! 

History: A visit from Mr Wheeler

As part of our history topic this half term of The World Wars, we were very lucky to have had a visit from Jack's dad, Mr Wheeler. He came in and taught us so much about the world wars and brought in lots of different artefacts from the WWI and WWII - we were even allowed to try some on! It was extremely interesting to see and feel these items and to hear about how they were used. Thank you Mr Wheeler! 

Tennis with Joe

Year 6 have been enjoying their tennis lessons with coach Joe this half term. We have learnt some basic skills and have enjoyed competing in games against each other. Even the cold weather doesn't stop our fun! 

Crucial Crew

Year 6 had a fantastic experience during their time at Crucial Crew. They learnt a lot about how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations: what is safe to drink, how to deliver first aid when needed, safety on public transport, safety around water and how to stay safe while out in the dark. It was a very informative afternoon and will be helpful to our Year 6 children as they now begin to gain more independence. 

Made With Hope STEM International Development Workshop

Year 6 have been so lucky to have had a visit from Eleanor, founder Made With Hope a registered UK charity for children in Tanzania, come in and work with us. She taught us about schools in Tanzania and how many children there do not have access to hand washing facilities, resulting in them becoming ill and missing their education. We realised how lucky we are in the UK to have all of the clean water, food and education we need. 


We worked in teams to build a hand wash station similar to the ones implemented by Made With Hope in Tanzania and learnt how these simple structures could drastically improve the lives of people in this country. Fantastic engineering, leadership, team work and presentation skills were shown by Year 6 during the workshop - well done to all! 

History: The World Wars

We have begun our world wars topic by researching some of the causes of wars and then investigating how Europe has changed since the outbreak of the First World War. We noticed there have been many changes to the borders of countries within Europe, that some territory has now changed to form new countries altogether, and that there were a lot fewer countries within Europe before the world wars than there are now. We are looking forward to learning what some of the reasons for these changes might have been over the next few weeks as we continue our historical enquiry...

PE: Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics Competition

On Thursday 16th January, Year 6 took part in the Sports Hall Athletics competition against other schools in the area. We took part in a variety of track and field events such as relay races, obstacle races, sprints, triple jump, long jump, vertical jump and javelin to name a few. I was so proud of the whole class because all children wanted to participate and for how they supported each other during the morning - it was amazing to see such an encouraging atmosphere formed and a genuine care for their peers. Although we did not win our heat, all children did themselves proud and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Science: Light

Our science topic this half term is light. We began this topic by looking at how light travels and how shadows are formed. We then moved on to investigate how our eyes work to enable us to see the world around us. We explored how our pupils change size depending on the amount of light available to use, and the reasons for this. The reactions of the children in Year 6 were fantastic! Aren't our bodies AMAZING?!



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Computing: Internet Safety

This half term, Year 6 will be looking at how to stay safe online within our computing work. This includes being respectful, responsible and safe whilst using technology, recognising online behaviours that are acceptable and unacceptable and identifying ways to report any concerns. We began our topic by looking at websites we use frequently at school and home and learning how to check whether these sites are secure or not before entering any personal data.