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Cloverlea Primary School

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Spring Term

Spring Term.

We have begun this term by exploring the current season- Winter. We have been looking at the weather for this time of the year and how this affects animals and ourselves. The children have been involved in a range of activities and have been enjoying our Winter Wonderland role play area which has now been changed into a garden centre. We have been looking at non-fiction books, the internet, an atlas and the globe to find out about cold places around the world and the animals that live there.

Chinese New Year

At the beginning of this term we talked about Chinese New Year and celebrated the year of the rat. One of our parents came into school to help us make custard buns and taught us to say the 12 animals from 'The Great Race' story in Chinese. We made rat finger puppets and used sand to draw patterns and Chinese numbers.

The Big Bird Watch

We have been learning about the different types of birds that visit our Nursery garden and our gardens at home. We have enjoyed making bird cakes and bird feeders to encourage more birds into our gardens at home. We spent time bird watching and using tally marks to show what we saw.



We have had a very exciting week reading about and making pancakes. We used scales to weigh ingredients and talked about healthy toppings to put onto our pancakes. Our special story this week was 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'- it had a very funny ending! It taught us that we must share and help each other, like one of our school values #Caring.


'Stay and Play' was this week and we really enjoyed eating pancakes with our family and friends. 

Planting Seeds.

Now that the weather is starting to get a bit warmer we have begun to plant seeds. We have planted lots of different types of seeds to grow in our classroom and greenhouse. We have chitted potatoes and planted them in groups of three in a triangular shape and we have planted beans because we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We are very excited to see them grow. 

Pizza Making.

We have been learning about vegetables and fruit and how they help us to have a healthy diet. We planted the seeds of some of our favourite fruits and vegetables so that we can grow them in our Nursery garden. We enjoyed using the fruits and vegetables on top of our pizzas.

Our Danceathon.

We had great fun taking part in a danceathon in the school hall. We moved and danced to raise money for our school.