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Cloverlea Primary School

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Spring Term

Lego Wedo workshop


Year 5 spent a whole day doing activities with Lego Wedo which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We were able to use the equipment to build and programme our own devices.

House design and construction in DT


We first designed what each aspect of the house would look like from different sides then we made the walls and roof out of card. We carefully measured and cut lengths of wood for the frame of the building. Altogether this creates a very stable structure which holds together very well.

May the force be with you!


Our current Science topic is Forces and we have been working together to measure the weight of a range of objects using newton meters. We have learnt about gravity and how this was first described by Isaac Newton.

Year 5 became Vikings for a day


We welcomed two Viking visitors to Year 5 who set up camp in the classroom and taught us all about the Viking way of life, their beliefs and how they did battle. We learnt about the Viking invasion of Britain and what life was like in those times.

Tennis lessons with coach Joe