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Spring Term



Reading books will be changed twice a week, please make sure that you send your child's reading book into school every Tuesday and Friday to be changed. A teacher or Teaching Assistant will listen to your child read on a fortnightly basis during 1:1 reading and/or group guided reading and weekly during whole class reading sessions. At home, please read daily with your child and please continue to write comments in their reading diaries to facilitate communication between home and school regarding your child’s reading.



Homework will set each Friday via our ClassDojo. This will include Spellings, English and Maths which will often be set via MyMaths.  Homework should be submitted to Mrs. Dent by the following Thursday via the ClassDojo.  Spellings and times tables will be tested every Friday in school.



During the Spring Term, our PE days will be on Wednesday and Thursdays. Please come to school in your PE kits on those days. 



In this term the children will be focusing on some of the books by Roald Dahl, including Fantastic Mr Fox, The Magic Finger and excerpts from Matilda and the BFG. They will be exploring how this author creates wonderful characters, settings and plots in his stories and uses vocabulary to bring drama and interest to his books. 

They will also be looking at Plays and Dialogue and learning how stories can be changed so that they can be performed on stage with the use of stage directions and how speech should be punctuated when writing stories. Pupils will have the chance to explore books that have imaginary worlds and have a go at creating their own imaginary world using resources from Literacy Shed. They will have a go at being news reporters and learn about the features of this type and have a go at writing a newspaper article for a fairytale / nursery rhyme. And finally, they will be reading a range of Myths and Legends and learning about the features of this text type so that they can be  successful when they come to write their own.

The children will also be continuing their work in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG), reviewing previous learning to embed and deepen their understanding before building on from this to ensure good coverage and progress in the areas of learning in the Y3 SPaG Curriculum.  


Maths - We use White Rose Maths and follow the National Curriculum. This term we are focusing on Multiplication and Division, Measurement (money), Statistics, Length and Perimeter and Fractions.  Every fortnight the children will have at least one lesson of Active Maths. 


Computing - This term we will be focusing on - Computing systems and networks with a particular focus on Emailing and Journey Inside a Computer. The children will be learning how to send emails with attachments and how to be a responsible digital citizen by thinking about the contents of what is sent. They will also be developing their understanding of how a computer works, as well as identifying similarities and differences between various models


Art - This term we will be looking at Formal Elements of Art, exploring shape and tone – identifying shapes in everyday objects, using shapes as guidelines to draw accurately from observation, creating form and shape using wire and shading from light to dark. We will also be focusing on Craft, creating mood boards as inspiration, learning to tie-dye, weaving and sewing to create a range of effects using fabric.


D&T - This term we will be creating our own Electrostatic Game in the first half term. We will explore the science behind static electricity and apply this new knowledge to generate ideas for and make a static-electricity game. In the second half of this term we will be designing and making our own Pencil Cases, learning and applying two new sewing techniques – cross-stitch and appliqué. 


History - Our History topics this term is Early Civilisations and Ancient Egypt. The children will be exploring  where and when the first civilisations began and learn about how they developed systems and learnt skills to help them live successfully in their own times and how these systems and skills had an an influence on the world that we live in today. The children will then go on to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians and how they lived in the past and how they fit in the History Timeline of key People and Events. 


Music - Trafford Music services follow a fabulous scheme called 'Charanga.' 


French - Gulay (our French language assistant) delivers French each Friday. 


Science - Our first topic for the Spring Term is Forces and Magnets. The children will be learning about forces, friction and magnetic attraction. They will learn about forces in the context of pushing and pulling, and will identify different actions as pushes or pulls. The children will also work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate friction. The second topic of the Spring Term is Plants. The children will be learning about everything they need to know about plants. They will learn the names of different parts of plants, and the jobs they do. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate what plants need to grow well, and will present their findings to their classmates. Furthermore, they will have chance to predict what will happen in an exciting investigation into the transportation of water within plants. They will work in a hands-on way to identify the parts of a flower, and will explore the different stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant.


Jigsaw - Our topics this term are 'Dreams and Goals'  and 'Healthy Me'.


RE - This term we will be exploring the question - Why do people pray?



Year 3 Wildlife Photography Competition

This term the children were invited to take photographs of wildlife as part of a homework project. They had been so impressed with examples of wildlife photography in our shared reading (First News) that they wanted to have a go. It was decided that this would be a nice project for them to have a go at if they wanted to. 

The children were given a few weeks to complete and the photographs that were received have been truly amazing. Here are some of the brilliant entries that truly impressed and were shortlisted.