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Ice-Cream Sundaes

Year 5 have been writing recipes for making Ice-Cream Sundaes as part of their English work this term. They took time thinking about, and planning their ice-cream sundae and once they had done this they used features of this text type (instructional writing) to create clear instructions for people to make them.

As you can imagine, Year 5 were overjoyed when they were informed that they could make their ice-cream sundaes, following the instructions they had written. As you will see from the photographs below everyone had an enjoyable time and most managed to finish off their sundaes. The recipes will be appearing soon on the Year 5 class page so that you can have a go at making them.

Sketchup: Interior Rooms

Every year, Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to learn about the program Sketchup and how they can use it to create houses and to design interior rooms. This year the children have produced some wonderful designs of interior rooms and are currently designing houses of the future. Please have a look at some of the work the children have produced using this program.



Where's Spotty

Where's Spotty

This wonderful 'Where's Wally' style picture was created by Martha. We thought it was so good that we had to share it with you. You are looking for a cat called Spotty who is orange with black spots. Once you have found Spotty why not have a look for a food bowl, fish and Spotty's brother, Stripe. 

Anglo Saxon Brooches

At the end of last term, as part of our history topic on the Anglo Saxons, we designed and made Anglo Saxon inspired brooches using clay. Please have a look at our creations. We are very proud of what we have made.