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Summer 1st half term


This week we had a delivery of 8 eggs from Leylands Farm in Worsley.  Keith brought them and explained what we need to do to look after them.  We have been turning them twice a day and hope for chicks to hatch next week!

On Monday morning we arrived into nursery to find 2 female chicks in the incubator!  They are now very happy keeping warm in the brooder box and we have had the chance to hold them.  We have been very gentle.  

On Tuesday 2 more chicks arrived, boys this time!

Our trip to Smithills Open Farm

We had such a fantastic day out at the farm.  The children had chance to see lots of different animals.  They bottle fed the lambs and held chicks in Pet's corner, went on a tractor and trailer ride, a donkey ride and watched the milking of the cows.  Thank you to all of our parent helpers who came.  What a wonderful, fun filled day it was!



We have been looking at the changes we can see outside now it is spring.  We found daffodils, blossom and different flowers beginning to grow.  The veggie beds are now free from weeds so we can begin to plant some seeds.

We went pond dipping and found that the frogspawn has changed to tadpoles.  We also spotted some newts and even a couple of ducks in the pond!



Jungle Adventures - We went searching through the jungle looking for the dancing bear, moving like monkeys and jumping over the sleeping snakes.

Having fun on our camping trip- playing crazy golf and toasting marshmallows!