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Summer Term


Reading books will be changed twice a week, please make sure that you send your child's reading book into school every Tuesday and Friday to be changed. A teacher or Teaching Assistant will listen to your child read on a fortnightly basis during 1:1 reading and/or group guided reading and weekly during whole class reading sessions. At home, please read daily with your child and please continue to write comments in their reading diaries to facilitate communication between home and school regarding your child’s reading.



Homework will set each Friday via our ClassDojo. This will include Spellings, English and Maths which will often be set via MyMaths.  Homework should be submitted to Mrs. Dent by the following Thursday via the ClassDojo.  Spellings and times tables will be tested every Friday in school.



During the Summer Term, our PE days will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please come to school in your PE kits on those days. 



In this term the children will be focusing on Persuasion, Shape Poems, Stories from different perspectives, Adventure Stories, Non-Chronological Reports and Instructions and Explanations. For each unit, they will read and explore a range of texts, watch videos that link to these text types (where appropriate) and discuss each text and video in depth. They will compare and contrast and give opinions on the writing and the author's choices. They will learn about the key features of each type of writing and extend their understanding of vocabulary. 


After exploring texts/videos and leaning about the structure of these texts they will then have the opportunity to plan and then compose their own pieces of writing, considering a success criteria based on what they have learnt. 


For Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) the children will  be continuing their work from the Spring Term and deepening their understanding. They will be looking at conjunctions again (co-ordinating and some subordinating) and developing the confidence in using them more in their own independent writing. They will also be looking at a range of prefixes and suffixes and how these can change the meaning of root words. They will then look at how paragraphs help organise and structure writing and will look at editing and evaluating writing. 


Maths - We use White Rose Maths and follow the National Curriculum. This term we are focusing on Fractions, Time,  Properties of Shape and Mass and Capacity. We endeavour to ensure that at least every fortnight the children will have one lesson of Active Maths. 


Computing - This term we will be focusing on Creating Media and Data Handling.

Creating Media  will involve the children developing presentation skills (powerpoint) in order to create simple books and magazines. It will also allow them to develop filming and editing video skills through the storyboarding and creation of weather forecasts and advertisements.


Art - This term we will be looking at Art and Design Skills. This will encompass design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation – creating puppets, drawing from observation, learning the difference between a tint and a shade and creating a version of a cartoon drawn by a famous illustrator/artist. 


D&T - This term we will be focusing on the topic of Food: Eating seasonally. In this unit the children will learn about various fruits and vegetables, and when, where and why they are grown in different seasons. They will discover the relationship between colour and health benefits and finally produce items for a Summer Picnic, including sandwiches and seasonal savoury tarts. 


Geography - Our Geography topics this term are Extreme Earth and Investigating Coasts. In the topic of Extreme Earth the children will be learning about world climates, the water cycle, extreme weather across the world, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes. In the topic of Investigating Coasts the children will be finding out what coasts are and how they are formed, learning about the physical features of coasts and the processes of erosion that affect them. They will explore different strategies of coastal management identify different types of beaches, use maps and secondary sources to research and describe coastal areas and learn how changes in land use will affect people and the environment in different ways.


Music - Trafford Music services follow a fabulous scheme called 'Charanga.' 


French - Gulay (our French language assistant) delivers French each Friday. 


Science - Our first topic for the Summer Term is Plants. The children will be learning about everything they need to know about plants. They will learn the names of different parts of plants, and the jobs they do. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate what plants need to grow well, and will present their findings to their classmates. Furthermore, they will have chance to predict what will happen in an exciting investigation into the transportation of water within plants. They will work in a hands-on way to identify the parts of a flower, and will explore the different stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant.

The second topic of the Summer Term is Light. The children will learn about light, reflections and shadows. They will learn about different sources of light, and that we need light to see. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate reflective materials. They will work in a hands on way to play a range of mirror games, finding out more about reflective surfaces. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.


Jigsaw - Our topics this term are 'Relationships' and 'Changing Me'


RE - This term we will be exploring the faith of Sikhism and what it means to be a Sikh. 


Author Visit - Sean Perkins

The children really enjoyed working with the local author Sean Perkins. He shared some of his writing with the children and then got them creating their own wonderful, colourful, interesting characters. They were totally focussed and let their imaginations run wild. They have produced some stunning characters.