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Sunday 14th June

Hi Year 3,


How are my wonderful, lovely and spirited pupils doing? Oh, I do really miss you lot and I can't believe that I am not going to get the chance of having you back in the classroom to teach. I am so, so, so sorry about this and if I could change it I would in an instant. I love being your teacher and I love teaching you. You are a great bunch of pupils and not having you in school makes the school and the classroom very empty. 


As you will know, Year 5, Year 4, Year 3 and Year 2 are all the years that are having to remain at home. I am not sure what the thinking was behind this choice but that is what was decided. I know that the other years are returning to school next week but school is nothing like how we left it when we went into lockdown. The hall is now turned into a learning classroom for the Key Worker children. Hand sanitising stations are located throughout the school. Classrooms are rearranged so that 15 children can be sat comfortably following the 2metre social distancing rule. Playgrounds have been altered, divided,  so that classroom 'bubbles' can play in different zones. Dinners are delivered to classrooms. Clear markings are displayed around the school indicating safe distancing rules. The computer suite is out of action and Ipads have to be cleaned thoroughly after use. The staffroom is only allowed 4 members of staff at one time so another staffroom has been created at the bottom end of the school in what was Mrs Perkin's room. I don't think you would recognise our school if you returned and it definitely does not sound or feel the same lively, happy and warm place it used to be but hopefully, we will change this bit by bit as the lockdown rules are eased and more children return. We, the staff, are doing all we can to ensure that the heart of Cloverlea continues to beat and that the school emerges stronger, more resilient and more united together. I cannot wait for the day when we get back to teaching all classes and the sound of laughter and learning is heard down the corridors of our school. Let's hope that come September we are all safely back at school. 


I hope this letter finds you and your family well, safe and happy. I am sure that your family are all frustrated with what is happening and want to get back to normal as soon as possible. I am frustrated to and am waiting for the day when I can return to the job that I love doing. Let us not give up now. Let us keep going and remember that every little bit of learning that we are doing at home is making a big difference. Let us also remember that we are probably learning other, new  skills that we wouldn't have had the opportunity to develop if we had been at school. For example: - How impressed I was to find out about Jackson and Joshua 

preparing and cooking a 3 course meal for their families....Wow! We wouldn't have got the opportunity to do this at school. 


To be honest, I have been extremely impressed with all of you during this time. Each and everyone of you have let the Cloverlea school values shine through in all that you have done. I know it hasn't been easy but Well Done all of you. A gold star from Mrs Dent. 


To finish....My mum always had words of wisdom to share with me when I was growing up and she still does it to this day. One of the ones that I remember the most was when she told me to always look for the positives in times such as these rather than dwell on the negatives. It is a bit like the saying; 'Every cloud has a silver lining'. I want you to think about the silver lining of these times. What has been the good things to have come out of lockdown? Maybe you could create a  word cloud listing all these good things and share them with me. 


Keep smiling, Year 3 and stay safe


Mrs Dent


Lockdown Silver Linings