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Thursday 11th June 2020

Thursday 11th June 2020

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good week so far and that you are all ok.


Your tasks for today are as follows…


Maths: one step equations

Continue to spend about 10 minutes working on your times tables on TTRS or hit the button in order to keep your fluency with them up.


When you have finished that, use the link below to find today’s algebra lesson on forming and solving one step equations. Work through the information, watch the videos and then complete the two activities provided. The answers are provided for you to self-mark when you have completed the tasks.

English: write a newspaper report

Today’s English task involves you learning to write a newspaper report. Work through the activities by clicking on the link below. Don’t forget to use all of the knowledge gained/revision from work you have done already this week in your English lessons (apostrophes, direct and indirect speech and commas) to ensure your punctuation within your newspaper report is correct.

Well-being: Celebrity Supply Teacher

For today’s well-being activity, you have a supply teacher: Mr Rashford wink

Watch the episode I have linked below on BBC iPlayer, and join Marcus Rashford for a PE lesson. There are other episodes available online that you might want to watch after this one too, including a history lesson about Martin Luther King Jnr.

Your topic tasks for this week…

Continue to work on the Viking and Anglo Saxon Chilli Challenges from before the two week break for half term. You could also further your learning with the BBC Bitesize links I have posted below the chilli challenge activities for information on Vikings and Anglo Saxons.


Have a lovely day!

Miss Boden smiley