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Thursday 21st May

Hello Year 3,


I thought I would write a message to you all to say how proud I am of you for sticking with your home learning tasks. I know that you have not found this easy and that you are missing all your friends but you have done and are doing extremely well. I thought your video message to me was beautiful and it just reminded me of what a wonderful, caring and energetic bunch of children you are and how much I have missed being in the classroom, teaching you.


I know that some of you are really struggling to keep motivated on your school work and I know that some of you may have fallen out with your mums and dads over home learning but I want you to remember that your mums and dads want you to do well and they are simply doing the job that I would normally do. I think they are doing a fantastic job.


Please can I ask you all to keep going. Keep up the home learning tasks because they are really important and they will help you to be ready when you return to school. Make sure you do have fun too but try to vary what you do. Playing on computers or consoles is very good now and again but there are lots of other fun things that you could and should do. Be nice to your parents and listen to them. Believe it or not they are helping you and have your best interests at heart. Remember the school values and try to show them everyday in all that you do. 



I am not sure when you will get back to school but hopefully it won't be long. Until then, please remember that I am very proud of you all and that I am willing you all to keep going with your home learning tasks. Keep in touch with your friends as much as you can and make sure you enjoy fresh air and sunshine as often as you can too. Don't give up Year 3. You are making a huge difference in your own learning.


Keep smiling and keep safe,


Mrs Dent