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Thursday 23rd April

Hi Everyone,


What a gorgeous week we have had. The sun has been shining everyday and it has been great to get out and do a spot of sunbathing and some work, of course. As you may remember me telling you, I have been at school this week and what a jam packed week we have had. I took some juniors into the computer suite today to make some quizzes or interactive books using powerpoint. I decided to make a choose your own adventure powerpoint book and I am going to be sharing this with the little group of children that we have attending. I will also upload it onto our home learning page so that you can see it too. I thought it might be a nice project for you to complete too because I know your computing skills are getting better all the time and you have shown great enjoyment for such projects with powerpoint when we have been in school. 


During this week we have also been making flowers for this weeks banner and having a go at using Modroc to make flower decorations to take home. The children have completed home learning tasks and have had great fun making dens outside with blankets. Today Mrs Perkin has been tidying the pond in the wildlife area and some of the children have been harvesting rhubarb from the Nursery garden so that Mrs Bonney can make a crumble for the children tomorrow. That is something I am looking forward tomorrow. 


Have any of you being singing our school songs at home? I have put a new song on our home learning page which I thought you could learn. It is a fun song and has different parts so you could get your whole family singing it too. I have posted all the Words of Encouragement Posters I have received on the website so please have a look. If you have done one and your picture is not on the website please send me a picture so I can put it on. I always upload the pictures you send me onto our home learning page so please have a look at these too so you can see what your friends have been doing at home. 


I am missing you all very much but I am so thankful that you are all safe and making the best of the situation that we have found ourselves in. Thank you for all your lovely emails and photographs. They have been something that I have look forward to. I hope you have a great weekend with your family and that you have some lovely things planned. I am going to be doing some gardening, walking Poppy, washing my car and reading some more of my book by Philip Pullman. I am sure that I will probably watch a film too. 


Keep smiling and keep safe


Mrs Dent


Team 2 having fun in the sun