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Thursday 7th May

Hi Year 3,


I am hoping this letter finds you and your families safe and well. I am sure that days and learning at home has now become the norm and that you have all got yourself into good routines in completing your home learning tasks whilst still enjoying time outside and doing your own things. My days start with taking Poppy for a walk, which hasn't changed really as I used to this before I came to school anyway. However, I do not spend time travelling to school in the morning (stuck in traffic) so now I start working on school projects at 8:00am and then later I go on my exercise bike.  I am completing virtual missions using an app. I managed to bike, virtually of course, to my mum and dads who live in Nottingham and back and my next mission is to bike the Trans Pennine Trail. 


After biking I spend time doing a little bit of house work, which I find boring, but it has got to be done and then I do some more school work or read a book or complete my green house craft project. I am building myself a mini green house at the moment. It came as a kit and has different parts to make and complete. At the bottom of this letter I have included a picture of what it should look like when I have finished so you understand what I am describing to you. I also spend time tending my garden, looking after my plants and checking on the blue-tits that have taken up residence in my bird box and have eggs which mum is sitting on. This is the fourth year we have had blue-tits and we are looking forward to the day when the babies fledge . 


I can see from the photographs that have been sent to me that some of you have been doing some gardening too. I was really impressed with Jackson Shaw's radish and Daisy's wonderful sunflowers. They obviously have been looking after their plants/vegetables very well. I am also pleased to see that you are keeping in touch with your friends at school too through facetime and other platforms. I know that Jasmine and Charlotte have been doing this a lot and I can guess that the boys in Year 3 have been doing it too. Is that right, Freddie and Cass? It is really important to keep in touch as I mentioned before. 


Well tomorrow and over this weekend all of the UK will be remembering and celebrating VE Day Please take the time to learn about VE day so you have some understanding of what we are remembering and what we are celebrating. I will be watching the televised programs to commemorate this occasion and will be having my own garden party with my husband and Poppy. I will also get Alexa to play some wartime music and songs to get into the spirit of this occasions. Whatever you do over the weekend I hope you have a good time and continue to keep safe. I look forward to seeing lots of photographs of your VE celebrations at home.


Take care Year 3,


Mrs Dent