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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Good morning Year 6! Happy Tuesday!


Your tasks for today are as follows…


Maths: calculating the area of triangles

Continue to spend about 10 minutes working on your times tables on TTRS or hit the button in order to keep them fluent and up to the speeds and accuracy we have worked so hard to achieve.


After that, use the link below to find today’s lesson on calculating the area of triangles. We have done this during our time in school together, but I thought you may need it recapped. Read through the information on the webpage and watch the videos to make sure you fully understand before you begin the activities.

English: analysing and performing scripts

Follow the link below for today’s English lesson on analysing and performing scripts. Work through the information about scripts and then complete the three activities.

Well-being: The Greatest Showman dance routine

To keep your minds healthy and positive, remember to complete your daily well-being activity where possible. For today’s well-being activity, join Oti Mabuse and Marius Lepure and learn a dance routine to The Greatest Showman.

Science: foil fish

Your additional lesson today is science. For this lesson, you will need a ruler, a piece of foil, a fleece (or any clothing item containing some polyester – look on the label if you are unsure!).


First, start by cutting lots of little fish out of your piece of foil; you will need to do this carefully to ensure the foil doesn’t rip. Once you have lots of fish cut out, your challenge is to see if you can make them ‘jump’! Rub your ruler on your fleece for about a minute, and then hover the ruler above the fish. Some of the fish should ‘jump’ to the ruler.

Experiment with your fish and see if you can answer the questions below!

  1. Why do you think this happens?
  2. Does it still work when the fish are made from different materials (e.g. tissue, paper)?
  3. Does it work with different sizes of fish?
  4. Does it work if your rub the ruler for different amounts of time?
  5. How can you get the biggest number of fish to ‘jump’ to the ruler at once?
  6. Can you get the fish to ‘jump’ to other materials?
  7. How long does the fish stay stuck to the ruler and other materials? Is there a difference in time with different materials?
  8. Can you get the fish to ‘jump’ from one material to another?



If you are in school tomorrow, don't forget to arrive at 9.10 am and to wait outside the gates until you are called in by me (Wednesday is the busy day remember as Reception and Year 1 are in too so we need to make sure we are strictly sticking to our times). Also, remember to wear clothes suitable for PE, and to bring in your water bottle, a sun hat and to put sun cream on before you come to school. Also, if you could bring in any of my books you have at home that would be fantastic! 


Stay safe and enjoy the lovely weather that is forecast over the next few days.


Miss Boden smiley