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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning Year 6!


I hope you are all ok and managed to find the solution to the maths challenge yesterday! Did you join in with the #PEwithJoe? Do you now know spellings you didn’t already? Were you able to research and find out anything linked to our World War topic? I hope you managed to get some fresh air during your first school closure day too! Please tweet us so we can keep in touch and see what you have been up to and learning.


Your tasks for today are as follows…


PE: PE with Joe

Remember that the Joe Wicks is streaming his workouts live on his YouTube channel every day at 9am! See the link from Monday's post if needed. Each workout lasts 30 minutes, and you don’t need any equipment - just make sure you are wearing suitable clothing.


If you joined in yesterday, why not continue to begin your days in this active way? If you missed the workout yesterday, try and join in with him live going forward. It’s so important to keep active in order to help us stay healthy and positive, especially during times like these with lots of worrying messages in the news.


If you do complete the workout, tweet us with your pictures as I’d love to see you joining in! Great effort from you Jack R! #PEwithJoe



Maths: complete the domino square problem solving task.

As a warm up, spend 15 minutes whizzing thorough your times tables on TTRS and then 10 minutes working on your number bonds on hit the button (websites linked below from yesterday).


Then, use your number bond knowledge to solve the dominos square task I have linked below. This is another trial and error task, so have a go! Think carefully about solving it in a systematic way. Good luck!

English: spellings, writing, reading

Firstly, recap any spellings you learnt yesterday and check you have remembered to spell them correctly. Then, spend some time today learning another lot of spellings needed (up to about 12 words). Try and learn these throughout the day. Ask a parent or sibling to test you later in the day or tomorrow, after you have worked on learning them and see if you have remembered how to spell these words. If you have more to learn then continue to work on these over future days.


Complete the writing activity below by writing a diary entry from a member of crew on board the Titanic. Don’t worry about printing the sheet, you can just write the diary entry in your home learning book. You might want to complete a bit of research about what happened and what the Titanic was like to work on before you begin to ensure your diary entry is as realistic as possible. Follow the instructions at the side of the page and make sure your writing is as good as it would be at school! Share your writing with a parent later today and see what they think!

Don’t forget to continue using the ‘Epic!’ reading app for the reading you are doing at home too. You should try to ensure you are reading for about one hour every day – enjoy getting lost in a book!


Your other tasks for this week…

Remember to also continue working on the chilli challenge activities from yesterday. These tasks are for this week so you will have plenty of time to complete at least three to a good standard. I hope you are enjoying finding out more about our topic!


Finally, did you start a journal yesterday? If not, why not start now and begin keeping a record of what you have been up to and what is going on in the world during this time of school closures? One day, it might be extremely interesting to look back on this and remember what you got up to and what was happening!


I hope you are all still ok and staying well.

Miss Boden J