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Tuesday 7th July 2020

Tuesday 7th July 2020

 Good morning everyone! Have a lovely day.



Your tasks for today are as follows…


Maths: problem solving

Continue to spend about 10 minutes each day working on your times tables on TTRS or hit the button in order to keep them fluent and up to the speeds and accuracy we have worked so hard to achieve.


After that, use the link below to find today’s lesson on problem solving. Work through the different problems, solving each at a time. They get progressively harder as you work through them. Answers are provided at the end for you to self-mark your answers.

English: writing challenge

For today’s English task, follow the link below to complete the writing challenge of creating a 24-word short story in just 7 minutes! Read more about the challenge by following the link below. Work through the information and video and follow the instructions to complete the challenge. I would love to hear some of your short stories so please send them to me via email or tweet them!

Well-being: three good things

For today’s well-being activity, write down ‘three good things’ that have happened over the past week. For each thing, think about how it made you feel and why. These could be anything from - I’ve worn my favourite slippers all week to I baked a great cake.


Mine would be…

  1. I loved seeing my family at the weekend and spending time with them from a safe distance. This made me feel happy and really brightened up my day!
  2. I enjoyed my three days back in school with some of you guys. I found it really funny when I returned to the classroom after lunchtime on Friday and spotted the destruction you had caused with the photos!
  3. I enjoyed a takeaway on Friday night from one of my favourite Indian restaurants – it was nice to have the opportunity to have a takeaway while we couldn’t eat in.



Science: flying tornadoes

Your additional lesson today is science. For this lesson, you will need 4 straws, some card and some sticky tape.   

First, cut two strips of card: one that is approximately 30cm x 5cm and the other approximately 20cm x 4cm. Use sticky tape to make each card strip into a hoop. Next, use some more sticky tape to attach the four straws to the larger card hoop at evenly spaced intervals as seen in the image above. Attach the smaller hoop to the top of the straws to create your tornado.


Now that your tornado is made, you can test throwing it! For this you will probably need to go outside! Think about the questions below and how you can answer them by investigating with your flying tornado.


  1. How far does your tornado fly when thrown?
  2. How could you get your tornado to fly further?
  3. What happens if you change the length of the straws (e.g. making them shorter or sticking two straws together to make them longer)?
  4. What happens if you create a tornado with a different number of straws?
  5. What happens when you change the diameter of the paper hoops?
  6. Can you get your tornado to land on a target?




See you at school tomorrow if you are in.

 Miss Boden smiley