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WB: 14th April 2020

FRIDAY 17th APRIL 2020


Happy Friday Year 2, 


Can you believe that we have completed another week of home learning? Today is Friday which is usually our golden time. Make sure you take some time today to do something you enjoy. 


Today is is the last chance for completing your Time Capsule, how have you been getting on with it? Evie and Alfie have had great fun creating their artefacts. It has prompted lots of wonderful conversations in our house about how we are each feeling, the different things that we are enjoying about being at home and the things we are most looking forward to in the future. I hope you have enjoyed creating yours as much as we did. 


Enjoy your weekend 


Stay safe, Stay at Home 


Love Mrs Brogan



Good morning Year 2, 

How are you all getting on with your Time Capsule booklet?  Make sure that you complete a couple of pages each day. 


Today, in addition to your English and Maths I would like you to ask someone in your house to test you on your spellings and times tables. Your spellings for this week are listed below, your times tables for today should be a mixture of your 2,5 and 10 times tables, up to a maximum of 10 questions. Please use your red test book from your homework folder. 


Finally, I have added another photograph of one our friends at home. With his sister, he created a family dodgeball challenge! What challenges can you set for your family?


Enjoy your day


love Mrs. brogan



Good morning Year 2.

What a wonderful response I had yesterday to your new Chilli Challenges - thank you!


Please see the photographs below of one of our friends, who had been to visit The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction in Windermere early in the year. His family liked the idea of our new theme so much that his older sisters decided to join in with him. 


Today, please continue with your daily English and Mathematics lessons, I have attached another page from the Time Capsule for you to read through. Remember to practice your spellings and timetables for a test later in the week and don't forget to continue with the practice of joining letters within your handwriting. 


Take Care

Mrs. Brogan

Beatrix Potter



Good Morning Year 2! Did you enjoy your bank holiday weekend? We certainly did, particularly as the sun continued to shine. 

Below I have added the different activities for you to complete over the course of this week. As today would have been our first day back in school after the Easter Holidays I have included new spellings and a reminder to practice your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. In addition, I have added a new 'Chilli Challenge' into the relevant section of our home learning page for you to be looking at over the coming weeks. 

To help you along with your Time Capsule, I have begun to create one for myself and have attached the page below for you to see. 

Take Care

Love Mrs. Brogan 



In English this week I have attached a 'Time Capsule' for you to complete over the course of the week. This is a diary for you to record key events during this unique time. At home, Evie and Alfie are also completing this diary as I think it is a great idea and perhaps one day they will be able to show their children and grandchildren that they lived through history! 

There are nine pages in total for you to complete, not including the front cover, so you can choose how best to complete the booklet over the coming week. There is also a page for your parents to complete too. When completing your Time Capsule, try to make your sentences as interesting as possible by adding different sentence starters and a range of verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs. I have added a sheet below for you to look at the definitions of each of these words. 

I hope you enjoy putting your artefact together. Enjoy!

Spellings this week; adding /y/ to create an adjective 

e.g. bone - bony 


When practicing your spellings this week, try to remember the joins we have looked at in school. Can you join some of your letters together? Remember this takes time and practice. You do not need to join every letter in every word.



Please see the link below for this weeks mathematics lessons from White Rose. This week we will be continuing with our look at fractions, beginning to use them within simple problems. 

This week please look at 'Summer Term - Week 1'

Please continue to look at the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. You can use your timetable rock stars logins for this. 



This week's well being activity is called 'Time to Breathe'. This will give you the opportunity to think about the things that you can control and the things that you cannot control. Again, it would be a good idea to talk to your parents about this activity while you complete it. What things can your parents control and what can they not control?