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WB 20th April 2020



Happy Friday Year 2, 


Yesterday I received an email to inform me that another one of our friends has turned 7! She celebrated her birthday at home with her family. 

Here she is below with her Georgia O’Keeffe inspired art work. She also continues to enjoy reading the poetry written by the Andy Tooze and has been reading it to her baby brother. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend 


stay Safe and Stay at Home 


Love Mrs Brogan 



Good Morning Year 2, 


How did you get on with your spelling and times table tests yesterday? 


Yesterday, I received a wonderful email from Epic! It informed me, that, as a class you have read another 200 books! Wow! In total you have now read over 1,300 books. What an amazing achievement this is, imagine all the new things you will be learning through your reading. Keep up the great work. 


Enjoy this lovely sunny day 


Love Mrs Brogan 




Good Morning Year 2,


Today we would be sitting our weekly spellings test so please use your red test book from your homework folder and ask one of the grown ups in your house to test you on your spellings and your times tables. 


How have you been getting on with your chilli challenges? At school this week, we have been using pastels to draw large flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. 



Good morning Year 2,


I hope you are staying safe at home. This week it is my turn to go to school with the Key Worker children. Our classroom looks so empty without you all in it. Please ask your grown ups to send me a little email to let me know how you are all getting on at home, I would love to hear from you. 


Continue with your English and Maths activities for today and remember to practice your spellings and times tables for our test tomorrow. 


Take Care and I hope to hear from you soon 


Mrs. Brogan



Good Morning Year 2,


Below are the activities available for you to complete this week, I hope you enjoy them. 


During this week I would like you to think about the English and Maths displays that we have in our classroom, what key words or vocabulary would you add to these displays? Talk to the people in your house about which words you would choose and why? 


Enjoy your day


Love Mrs Brogan



For your English lessons this week please use the link below. This will direct you to a booklet surrounding the theme 'The Magical Box' which is based on a myth from Ancient Greece called Pandora's Box.


An audio version of Pandora's Box can be accessed here:


As you progress through this booklet over the course of the week, your child may remember the work we did in class in the Autumn Term which was based around 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. 

This is a great opportunity for your child to make links with their previous learning. What can they remember from our learning in school? 


You know your child best, work through the booklet at their pace completing as many pages as you feel is suitable for your child. 


I hope you enjoy this new theme



Spellings this week include words with the ^ sounds spelt with an /o/


Please remember to practice joining different letters when learning your spellings. This week, try to write out a range of interesting sentences including some, if not all, of the spellings in the list. 


I have also included two word searches for you to complete. They include some of the Year 2 common exception words for you to practice. 



Please see the link below for this weeks mathematics lessons from White Rose. This week you will begin by consolidating your learning on comparing lengths before moving onto money. 


This week please look at 'Summer Term - Week 2'


Please continue to look at the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. If you feel confident with these time tables, please begin to look at your 3 times tables.

 You can use your timetable rock stars logins for this



This week's Well Being activity is called 'Nobody is Perfect'. This is an opportunity to think about your mindset and attitude towards learning. Talk to your family about the different ways of approaching things you are unsure of. 



In addition to or as an alternative to the English and Maths lessons above, BBC Bitesize are introducing a Home Learning section to their website. From Monday 20th April at 9am, you will be able to access daily English and Maths lesson here as well as core subjects too.