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WB 27th April 2020



Happy Friday Year 2! Can you believe that it is the 1st day of a new month already. 


Today I would like you to continue with your learning in English and Maths using the BBC Bitesize website and the worksheets below. Following on from the additional sheets I gave you on Wednesday about coordinating conjunctions, I thought it might be a good idea to look at subordinating conjunctions today. I have added some additional work for you to complete below. 


How have you been getting on with your Chilli Challenges? I would love to see the progress you have been making. Please ask your grown ups to send me an email with the different things you have been doing during this time. 


Next week we will only have 4 days of Home Learning as Friday is a Bank Holiday in celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE day. Perhaps over the weekend you could begin to research what this means? 


Enjoy your weekend with your families


Take care


Mrs. Brogan



Good Morning Year 2, 


How did you get on with your spellings and times tables test yesterday? Today I would like you to continue with your English using the BBC Bitesize website and your Maths using the sheets below. 

Yesterday I received another wonderful email informing me that you have collectively read another 200 books using EPIC! Well done 😊 In addition to  the books on EPIC! Your parents should have received an email from me about access to the Oxford Owl website. Please do use both of these to ensure you are reading on a daily basis. 

Enjoy your day



Mrs Brogan 





Good Morning Year 2, 


Today would be the day we have our spellings and times tables tests. So please ask your grown ups to test you on this weeks spellings and a selection of your two, five and ten times tables remembering to use your red homework book from your homework folder. 


Today in Mathematics you are going to be looking at telling the time to 5 minutes. Please see the following link to a power point which should help to explain this for you (the file is too large to attach here)


In English today please go over to the BBC Bitesize website


Today they are talking about joining words such as; and, or, but, if, because. We have talked in detail about these words and you remember that they are called conjunctions, some of which are co-ordinating conjunctions and the others are subordinating conjunctions. Please talk to your grown ups about the differences in these words. I have added an additional worksheet about co-ordinating conjunctions for you to complete if you wish. 


Have a great day 


Love Mrs. Brogan



Good Morning Year 2, 


How are you all doing today? Yesterday in maths I asked you to recap on telling the time to o’clock and half past. Today I would like you to recap on telling the time to quarter to and quarter past. In addition, I would like you to keep a diary of a ‘normal’ day, making note of the different times things happen. For example; what time do you wake up, have breakfast or complete your home schooling. 

Don’t forget to head over to the BBC Bitesize website for your English lesson too. 

Finally, here is a photograph of one of our friends who has completed a 5km run around the golf course to help raise money for Run for Heroes. Well Done!!



Good Morning Year 2,


Did you enjoy the sunshine this weekend? Unfortunately the weather forecast looks a little different for this week. 


On Friday morning while I was at school, I saw one of our friends run past the school with his sisters, his Mum and his Dad. What a wonderful way to start the day with a family run together. This made me wonder what different exercises you were all doing to stay fit and healthy during this time. Don’t forget that you can do #PEwithJOE every Monday - Friday at 9am on you tube. I love taking part in these sessions and think it’s a great way to start your day. 


Today you are going to start by looking at ‘Time’ in mathematics. We haven’t looked at this in Year 2 yet so we are going to start by recapping on o’clock and half past. Please have a look at the PowerPoint to remind you. 


In English head over to the BBC Bitesize website to begin / continue with the lessons they have on offer. 


Dont forget get to practice your spellings and timetables for a test on Wednesday. 


Enjoy your day 


Love Mrs Brogan



This week in English I would like you to look at the work on the BBC Bitesize website. If you didn't look at the English lessons from last week, please do go and have a look at those lessons first. If you completed these already alongside your Magical Box work, then start with Monday 27th April. 


Evie and Alfie have loved completing these lessons at home.



Spellings this week focus on the common exception words for Year 2. 


Please do remember to practice joining different letters when learning your spellings. Again, this week try to write out a couple of sentences including your spellings, make your sentences interesting by adding different adjectives and sentence openers. 


Again I have included two word searches for you to complete utilising some of the key words for Year 2. 



This week in maths we are going to be looking at time. We will start the week by revising o'clock and half past, quarter to and quarter past, before moving on to looking at 5 minute intervals. Please do look at the power points to help you with this. 



Please continue to look at your 2, 5 and 10 times tables, remember you can use your Times Table Rock stars to help you. 



This week's Well Being activity is called 'The Things I Like'. This will give you the opportunity to think about all of your favourite things and perhaps some of the things that you will enjoy once school is open again. 



BBC Bitesize continue to add daily English and Maths lessons onto their website plus one other core subject each day. Please do have a look at the work they provide.