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WB: 30th March 2020



Good morning Year 2, can you believe it’s Friday already? So you have any plans for the weekend, something different to do with you family? 
How are your seeds progressing? Finlay has been able to transfer his broad beans into his vegetable

plot at home, please have a look at his photograph on the ‘Our Friends at Home’ section. 
Today in English you are being asked to write down ten things you would take to space. I DO NOT want you to write a list of ten items. I would like you to write ten full sentences including capital letters and punctuation, adjectives and conjunctions to explain why you would take those items with you. 



Good morning Year 2, 

Have you seen the ‘Our Friends at Home’ section of our Year 2 page? It has been lovely to receive a couple of emails sharing the successes and achievements that you have been having a home. I thought I would share these smiling photographs to help to make you smile too. 

Today you are working on week 1, day 4 of the mathematics, which is to begin looking at quarters. 

Finally, in English today you have got some anagrams to look at. If you find you have some spare time, perhaps you can look at different anagrams within other words such as Cloverlea or Brogan? 



Good morning, here is the photograph of the bulbs we planted in science. Look how tall the shoots have grown! Wow! I wonder what the roots would look like beneath the bulb? Are you still taking care of the different seeds we planted? Are they growing? 
Today in English I would like you to take the time to practice you handwriting using the list of common exception words for Year 2. Think about how individual letters sit on the line and begin to join the letters we have looked at in class.

For example; ai - ee - ll - th - ch 




Good Morning Year 2, how are you all today? Yesterday I went into school and saw the progress our bulbs were making. Do you remember planting them in science before we finished school? I will take a photograph of them today to show you. 

For today's home learning, please look at week 1, day 2 for your work on Fractions in Maths. In English today I have given you an acrostic poem to create based on our current topic about aliens and space. 



Good morning Year 2, I hope you have enjoyed the sunny weather this weekend, I know we have. What activities did you enjoy with your families? After a week of home learning, Evie and Alfie enjoyed planting flowers for the garden, cooking and creating their own exercises after a week of PE with Joe each morning. I would love to hear about the different things you have been achieving whilst away from school. 


Activities for your home learning today are listed below; we will be looking at fractions for the first time this week while continuing with our theme of 'Aliens Love Underpants' in English. It might be a good idea to read some other books surrounding the theme of aliens and space to broaden your knowledge and understanding of this topic. 


I have been looking at your use of Epic! and am amazed to see that some of you have reach level 20! Wow. How wonderful - keep up the great work. Don't forget to use your times table rockstars logins too. 



Please see the below website for the next 5 days of learning, including video tutorials and pupil activities. This is the first time the children have come across fractions this year so may need some support.


Please look at week 1, thank you



This week we will be carrying on with our theme on Aliens, please see the worksheets below to complete each day. If you have the facility to print these off please do so, alternatively you can write the key information into your home learning books. 

There will  be no spellings this week, however, I have included the Common Exception words for Year 2. On Wednesday it would be a good idea to practice your handwriting using these words, remembering to include the joins we have been working on in class. 


Monday 30th March, today I have added a book review for you to complete. For this, you can choose to complete the review about Aliens Love Underpants or perhaps another book you have read and enjoyed. Try to include conjunctions, thinking particularly about the word ‘because’ as this will help you to explain your reasons why you liked or disliked the book. 



Please see below an activity for you to complete during the week. This will give you the opportunity to think about all the great things in your life. Talk to your family about the following things 

I can ... 

I am ... 

I have ...