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WB 4th May 2020

Celebrating VE Day

Hello Year 2, 


Today you have a little break from English and Maths, unless of course you wish to have a look at the BBC Bitesize website. Today I would like you to enjoy the activities at the bottom of the page related to VE Day. In the Brogan household we have started preparing for our socially distanced street party on Friday. I think we may need to bake some more scones for the party! 


Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back on Monday


Take care, stay safe


Love Mrs. Brogan, Evie and Alfie



Hello Year 2, 


As it is Wednesday today, you should ask one of the grown ups in your home to test you on your weekly spellings and times tables. As usual, please use your red spellings book from your homework diary. 


In English and Mathematics today please complete any activities below that you have not finished this week as tomorrow you will be looking into the 75th anniversary of VE Day. 


Yesterday I received another email to make me smile and so I though I would share it with you all. Below is a photograph of one of our friends helping to make his garden a brighter place by planting flowers. He has also made a bug home to encourage different bugs into the garden - what a wonderful idea. Perhaps you could think of different ways of encouraging different mini beasts into your gardens. 


Have a wonderful day


Love Mrs. Brogan



Good Morning Year 2, 


Did you enjoy #PEwithJoe yesterday? I did. It was lovely to see Joe with his wife Rosie. How many squats, press ups and burpees did you manage in 1 minute? 

Please continue with your English and Maths for today, not forgetting to practice your spellings and times tables as well. Don’t forget you can head over to the BBC Bitesize website as well.

What other activities have you all been enjoying during this time? Things to keep you busy, things that you enjoy. Evie and I have started running together, we took our inspiration from the family of runners I spotted. Also, I managed to buy some ingredients in the supermarket this week so Evie and I made some scones - they were delicious 😋 



Good Morning Year 2, 


Welcome to another week of home learning. This week is a short week due to the Bank Holiday due to the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Did you do any research about what this means? 


This week I have included another set of Chilli Challenges for you to complete so please have a look in the relevant folder and try to complete as many of these activities as possible in the coming weeks. 


In English this week you will be looking at the familiar story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' while in Mathematics I have included some more worksheets associated with time. I have also added on a new spelling list for the week. 


Love Mrs. Brogan



In English this week I thought we would have a look at a familiar story, 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. So many of you have told me about the growth of your seeds and beans from our science lesson that I though this would be a good link. 

Please start the week by reading through the story and then complete one of the activities each day. 




This week's spellings continue to look at the common exception words for Year 2, as in previous weeks remember to take this time to practice your handwriting joining together different letters within words. In addition try to write a couple of sentences including the different words, remembering to make your sentences as interesting as possible using a range of adjectives or similes. 


I have added one final words search for you to complete. 



This week in Maths I would like you to continue to look at telling the time, beginning to look at the different duration of time and endings of time. 



This week's Well Being activity is called 'I am Amazing!' This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all your strengths and positive traits. Please discuss your answers with your family members, perhaps your parents can think of some things that you haven't. Enjoy 



BBC Bitesize continue to add daily English and Mathematics lessons onto their website to support you with your child's Home Learning. Please continue to access their website regularly with your child