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WB: 6th April 2020



Hello Year 2! 

As it is the Easter weekend, this will be your last activity to complete from me until Tuesday 14th April. This little break will give you all the opportunity to spend time with your families so make the most of the lovely sunshine we have been having. 

Today's activity is for your to write an advert for the Easter Bunny, requesting help in her workshop while the chickens are on holiday. Have you read an advert before? It might be a good idea to look in one of your newspapers at home to see what an advert might look like. What information is included? What information do you think you should include in your advert for the Easter Bunny. 


Have a wonderful weekend with your families, stay safe and stay at home. 

Love Mrs. Brogan x 

Happy Easter from Jigsaw Jo and Mrs Brogan



Good morning Year 2, 


How are you all today? Today I would like you to write a thank you letter from the Easter Bunny to the animals that helped him. Have you written a letter before? Or received one from your family or friends? Think about how you will start it and end it. What information will you include in your letter? You may need to re-read the story again to find the specifics you need to thank the animals for. 


I miss you all 


Mrs Brogan x 



Good morning, 


Following on from our new story and comprehension work yesterday, I would like you to have a go at writing a postcard. Have you ever written a postcard before? Or received one? Talk to the people in your house about what postcards are used for. Today I would like you to pretend that you are one of the chickens on holiday, write a postcard to Easter Bunny, telling him all about your holiday. Again, there are three different levels so you can choose the one that suits you best. 


Today, we have a little Show and Tell. One of our friends has earn’t a Green Blue Peter badge for writing a letter about recycling. He is looking forward to sharing this all with you in person, but for now, please see the picture below. Well done! #caring  



Good Morning Year 2, I hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. I know we did! 


This week I have added a new book for you to read and share with your your family. Today I would like you to read the book below and then complete the comprehension questions. There are three different levels of comprehension questions, so just choose the one that suits you. 


Take care 


Mrs Brogan

Can you remember all the things we have been learning about in Year 2? 



Following on from your work on Fractions last week, please use the website below for the next 5 days of learning. 

Please look at week 2, thank you



This week, as it will be Easter this coming Sunday, we are going to be looking at the story 'Saving Easter'. Please start by reading the story with someone from your family. 



This week's Well Being activity is called 'Don't Worry About It'. This will give you the opportunity to talk to the people in your homes about the things that worry you. Perhaps you can discuss ways to be able to help each other and make your worries float away. 



Don't Worry About It