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WB 8th June 2020



Hello again Year 2,

I hope you are all well and that you have enjoyed a little rest from our home learning. 

During the break we celebrated Alfie’s birthday. We did a zoom meeting with his family in Ireland and his family here. He loved seeing everyone together. We also spent time in the garden planting new plants and flowers and enjoyed picnics in the park. (I’ve added a few photos below) I’d love to hear the different things you have enjoyed during our half term. 


To start you off, I have added a new Chilli Challenge for you to enjoy. Please head over to the Chilli Challenge 'star' to have a look at this. This new Challenge is about Kenya in Africa.


This half term we should have been going to Knowsley Safari for our class trip. During this time, you can head over to their website to access their home learning hub


Your daily learning for English and Maths, including spellings and times tables are below. You will find a combination of learning from the BBC Bitesize website as well as some activities added from me. Your main focus for English is a booklet named 'Rainbows, rainbows everywhere!' Please see the document below for an overview of the weeks learning. 



For your English lessons this week please use the link below, this will direct you to a booklet titled 'Rainbows, rainbows everywhere' By Emma Caulfield. 


Please work through the booklet at your own pace during the course of the week


In addition, you have the option of also completing the work on the BBC Bitesize Website


Please keep up with your daily reading, whether this is through a website or app such as Epic! or Oxford Owls or whether you are using books that you already have at home. It is important to read each day either on your own or with another family member. During our little break I received another email from Epic telling me that you have collectively read over 2,000 books as a class - Wow! Keep up the great work Year 2. 



Please see below the spellings for you to learn this week. This week we are looking at words which contain the /o/ sound spelt with an 'a'. 

Please remember to practice joining different letters when learning your spellings. Try to write a couple of sentences linked to the different words in your spellings. Remember to make your sentences as interesting as possible including different openers, conjunctions and adjectives. 



Please use the link below for this weeks Mathematics lessons from BBC Bitesize.


Don't forget you can also head over to White Rose to look at the videos and learning they have available. Although remember that you will not be able to access their worksheets and that you will need to use BBC Bitesize for this.



Please continue to practice your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Continue using your times tables rockstars logins to support you with this.



This week I have included two different activities for you to complete. This first is designed to help you think about how amazing you are. It asks you to think about what makes you special, what makes you unique, what talents you have and how you contribute to your family. 

The second activity asks you to complete an exercise diary. Are you still completing the Hiit workouts with Joe Wicks each morning? Are you enjoying daily exercise with your families each day by going outside for a walk or a run? Are you visiting the park to play football or tennis? This booklet asks you to log all the different exercises you are enjoying.