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WC 08.06.2020

Hello Again!

I hope you have managed to enjoy some time together over the half term. I've been busy going into school and  yes, you've guessed it- gardening! Our class potatoes are coming along beautifully and are nearly ready for harvesting. How are your sunflowers? I've put mine into a large plant pot and it's about a metre tall now. The pumpkins that we sowed are now in the ground and will be ready for Halloween- you can help me to look after these when you are in Reception as they are in the EYFS allotment.  


We are now beginning our final half term and our final topic- 'All Creatures Great and Small'. We will be learning about farm animals, wild animals and even mini beasts! I bet you will find quite a few mini beasts outside in your gardens, or on a walk. 

Our New Topic- All Creatures Great and Small.

We are going to focus on farm animals this week. Please find below, some activities to get you started.


We are going to continue to focus on numbers to 20 so that we can recognise these numbers, count arrays up to 20 and write each number. I have added a couple of farm counting activities below to help with our numbers. 


If you would like extra maths activities to do please continue to follow the White Rose Maths by clicking on the link. This week is called 'The Princess and the Wizard' 

Cutting Skills.

This week I would like you to focus on developing your cutting skills. This will help with fine motor control and help you to get ready for Reception! Below is a farmers field. I would like you to cut out the animals and stick them onto the field to make your very own farm picture. If you would like to make a bigger farm, then just glue your pictures onto a larger page, rather than the A4 one that I've given you. When you have finished, take a photograph and email it to me smiley

Well being and Mindfulness.

Below you will find a link for a guided meditation to take part in.