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WC 20.04.2020

Hello Nursery,

I hope you had a good week last week and are keeping busy and happy. Thank you for the lovely emails and photographs again. It's really nice to see how you are all getting on and growing! It looks like we've got nice weather again this week. I was quite busy last week and was lucky enough to spend it in school looking after some of the key worker children. Have you managed to go for a walk around your house and passed our school gates? You will see some lovely artwork the children have created, attached to the fence outside. Some of the trees on the school field and around school are full of blossom and are really beautiful to see. 

I've also been very busy with Harry this week. As the weather was nice we decided to camp in the garden (this also helped him get his camping badge at Beavers!). We even had a go at building a fire and cooking marshmallows on it. Harry had a great time, despite the cat keeping us awake most of the night. 

This Week's Activities.

This half term our topic is 'Going Places & People Who Help Us' We will be acknowledging and discovering the people and vehicles that help us in our everyday life. Below are a few activities to help you get started with this new topic.

'People Who Help Us' game.

Below is a card game that you can play in several ways to help learn about community helpers.


* Print multiple copies and play traditional snap or memory.

* Hide the cards in a tray with sand, rice or pasta to find and match.

* Create a treasure hunt match-up, hide one half of the cards around your home or garden and give your child the remaining cards. They then hunt for and collect the cards that match the ones they have been given.


Mindfulness- Cosmic Kids.

To help us move about and continue with our yoga and meditation I have included the link for Cosmic Kids below. There are lots of different stories added that you can choose from. The Gruffalo and The Three Little Pigs theme look good!