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WC 23.03.2020

Hello Nursery!

Well this is the start of our first week of being at home. Usually each morning we would discuss what day it is and talk about what day it was yesterday and recap on what we did that day. Can you name the days of the week in order? What sound does Monday etc... start with? 


Each morning we would take part in a session of 'Dough Disco' on YouTube to help strengthen our fine motor skills for writing and drawing. These short videos are only about 5 minutes long and all you need is a small ball of playdough each. There are live sessions at 9:30 or lots of videos to choose from on YouTube. 


Visit Phonics Play at

The free login details are:

Username: march20

Password: home


This Weeks Tasks:


1. Build a den.

Children to use different household materials to make a den. Talk about what you have used to make a 'den'. Whilst in the den, you could share a story.


2. Make a pattern.

Use different objects to create a pattern. Children may want to print their objects on paper with paint, or create a row of objects on a table. Describe the pattern. 


3. Weather Chart.

Can you make a chart to record the weather over the next few weeks. You can draw your own symbols and talk to a grown up about what the weather is doing.


4. Make a Shaker.

Using dried pasta, rice, lentils and pots make a shaker. Use this to make music. Children could use it whilst singing familiar nursery rhymes.


5. Find 5 things that float and 5 things that sink.

Talk about what float and sink mean. Before putting them in the water, ask the children to make a prediction about whether it will float or sink.


6. Draw a picture. Explain what you have drawn.

Encourage the use of different colours. Question what colours are being used. Children to explain and describe their picture. 


7. Practise writing your name.

Talk about what the name starts with (the letter itself and capital letter). Children may want to trace their name first, then have a go at writing it independently. I have included a Spring pencil control activity below for extra practise. Remember to hold your pencil correctly!




8. Our topic this term is 'All things Bright and Beautiful' (Spring).

As part of this topic I would like you to go out into the garden, or on a walk to find signs of Spring. Below I have included a PowerPoint all about Spring for you to look at and discuss. Can you find any of these signs of Spring outside? Please feel free to use the tick list I have included too- maybe you could add your own signs of spring to it.