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WC 27.04.2020

Hello Nursery,

Another week has passed, I hope you are still keeping busy at home and staying safe. I have been making the most of this lovely weather and have spent a lot of time in the garden planting lots of different vegetables. I'm beginning to run out of space in my garden! Mr Wilde isn't enjoying me using our kitchen as a greenhouse either. Hopefully the seedlings will be ready to plant outside soon. How are your peas and sunflowers getting on? I'll show you a photograph of mine, once they're outside. Are your beanstalks taller than you yet?


This will be our sixth week of home learning and we are going to continue with our topic 'People who help us'. Below are lots of different activities for you to do to keep you busy. Please continue to send me photographs and Wow moments, you all look like you've grown and are having fun. 



The last time we were together we were talking about alliteration and finding alliteration around our classroom and in our stories. Can you spot the alliterated words in this story?

This week I would like you to focus on the letter 'a'. There is a link below that will take you to Mr Thorne and Geraldine Giraffe. Once you have watched this can you find things around your house or garden that have the 'a' sound? There is also 'my a workbook' to help you spot the letter 'a' and learn its formation. 


Each week in Nursery we focused on a different number. This week I would like you to learn about the number 12. Can you find 12 in different ways? It might be 12 on a clock, or counting out 12 peas or duplo bricks. Can you sky write 12, draw it in sand, make it out of play-dough? The list is endless. I would like you to send me photographs of all the ways you have found or made the number 12 this week and I will create a number Powerpoint out of them for next week. Below I have found a PowerPoint all about 12 to help you get started.

I would also like you to continue learning about 2.D shapes. Can you identify and name a square, rectangle, triangle and circle? Below is a booklet that you can pick and choose pages from over the next week to complete. 

Mindfulness & Well Being 

I've seen lots of fantastic photographs of some of you doing yoga and meditating with Cosmic Kids. Please continue with this if you are enjoying it. 'Arnold the Ant' looks good (and it is links in to our phonics this week) can you spot the alliteration and the letter 'a'? 

Things to Look Forward to Jar.

Having things to look forward to can make you feel happier and improve your well-being. Each time you think of something you would like to do in the future, write it on a piece of paper and place it inside your decorated jar. I found some old jars around my house and decorated them so everyone in my family can join in. Below are some the instructions in more detail.

'People Who Help Us' activities.

Below are this week's activities for our topic. On our second Chilli challenge, one of the activities is to learn the emergency number so I have included a song to the tune of three blind mice to learn.