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Wednesday 1st April

Hi Year 3,


What has happened to the nice sunny weather? I am at school this week, supporting all our parents who are key workers, who need to send their children to school. We have done lots of fun things outside such as pond dipping, bug hunts and outdoor games but all with coats on and sometimes gloves as it has been freezing!! We need the sun to come back because it makes a big difference to the day. I know that Poppy likes it when it is sunny because the back door is left open so that she can wonder in and out as she pleases. She is a real explorer and spends lots of time in the garden. Her favourite thing is to chase the pigeons away and relax on the outdoor sofa, bathing in the sun. 


Whilst at school I have managed to update the displays in the computer suite so when you get back to school you will see a big difference. I have also been introducing the children to Incredibox and Monkey Go Happy. We have been composing lots of wonderful music today. Grace has been working extremely hard on a Jigsaw of the United Kingdom with a bit of help from Mrs Brogan, Mrs Moorhouse and Mr McConnell. Today she finished it and learnt that it is missing one piece....How annoying is that!


How is the home learning going? Thank you to those who have sent me photographs, videos and messages of your learning and fun at home. It is good to see your happy faces and your dedication to the learning activities I have planned for you. I will be putting these together on the Year 3 Home Learning page so if you haven't sent me any photographs or you want to send me some more, please do so. The more I receive the better our home learning photograph collage will be. 


Continue to keep shining, keep smiling and more importantly keep safe.

Hope you are all being delightful learners for your parents wink


Mrs Dent


I know that you like seeing photographs of Poppy so here are some more for you to look at. 

Poppy in trouble. I wonder why?