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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Your tasks for today are as follows…


Maths: problem solving

Continue to spend about 10 minutes working on your times tables on TTRS or hit the button in order to keep your fluency with them up.


Our work on angles is over and we now have some problem solving activities to complete! Have a go at completing the problem solving lesson I have linked below. Remember that some problem solving activities require perseverance! Keep working on the problems, even if you can’t find the answer immediately. The answers are also provided for you to self-mark once you have finished. If you need any guidance with this lesson, please follow the link below and watch the video that corresponds to today’s lesson (Summer Term week 2 lesson 3).

English: spellings and reading task

Continue to work on your spellings as needed.


Have a look at the image I have attached below and use your inference skills to answer the questions in full detail. When you are able to, show your parents the image and discuss your answers to the questions with them. Do they agree with you? Do they think differently? Remember, it is find to have different opinions and there are no right or wrong answers here!

Well-being: I am amazing

To keep your minds healthy and positive, remember to complete your daily well-being activity where possible. For today’s well-being activity, have a look at the document I have attached below. Complete the sentence starters in each balloon and think about all of your positives. Discuss your ideas with a family member – do they agree? They might have lots more ideas about some of the sentences too because sometimes we find it harder to compliment ourselves that we do to compliment others. Your family might want to have a go too!