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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

How are you all Year 6?

Well, we are half way through our first week of school closure and I hope you are all coping ok. It feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve seen you! I hope you’re getting into a bit of a routine with working from home now and that you are getting your tasks done ok. Are you missing school yet?!


Your tasks for today are as follows…


PE: PE with Joe

Begin your day, as usual, with the PE with Joe workout. Follow his YouTube video and join in with lots of other children (and adults!) across the country starting their day like this.


I’ve not seen many yet, so if you do join in, try and tweet us with your pictures as I’d love to see! #PEwithJoe


Maths: complete the consecutive seven problem solving task.

As a warm up, spend 15 minutes whizzing thorough your times tables on TTRS and then 10 minutes working on your number bonds on hit the button (websites linked on Monday’s post if needed).


Then, use your fabulous problem solving skills to work through today’s task. Read the instructions carefully and check your answers! Good luck!

English: spellings and reading

Continue to work on your spellings as needed.


Also, have a look at the image I have attached below and use your inference skills to answer the questions in full detail. When you are able to, show your parents the image and discuss your answers to the questions with them. Do they agree with you? Do they think differently? Remember, it is find to have different opinions and there are no right or wrong answers here!

Your other tasks for this week…

Remember to also continue working on the chilli challenge activities for this week. I hope you are enjoying finding out more about our topic and that you have learnt lots you didn’t know before! Have you cracked the Morse code yet?

Why not join in with a live art lesson at 11am? You can learn how to do illustrations and all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil! 


To participate, click the link below to take you to the Youtube page... I'd love to see your artwork - tweet pictures if you can! 

Don’t forget to write your journal, get out for a walk when you can once a day, read for at least an hour a day, play games with your families and help out with some of the chores at home.


Keep washing your hands, keep safe and keep happy!

Miss Boden J