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Wednesday 25th March

Hi Everyone,


How are you all? Hope you are making the most of this lovely weather and enjoying your garden. The plant chilli challenges are perfect for days like these. I know that I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, weeding and cutting back some of my large shrubs. I have also been playing with Poppy too. She likes to run off with my gardening gloves and shoes and then sees it as a game as I chase her round the garden. In the end I am the first one who gives up and so she wins. 


Who has been doing the singing challenge at home? I am sure Daisy has been busy singing at the top of her voice at home, like she does in school. I know that you can find the songs from our production on You Tube so maybe you can sing and perform these for your parents.


Make sure you balance your time equally between work and fun and please don't forget to keep using EPIC books and Oxford Owl for reading. I have been checking on your progress. Please make sure you actually read the pages and don't just flick through them. I do know how much time you are spending on each book and some of you are reading books extremely quickly.


I am having a barbeque tonight so that will be nice. Karl and I are having burgers with salad and wedges. I have made a Cajun dip to go with it. Poppy is having her food but I am sure she will beg for some of our food as we are eating it. I will be shutting her away in the kitchen until we have finished.


Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.


Mrs Dent

Poppy and the Garden