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Week 5 (Commencing 20th April 2020)

Maths and English

Here are your daily tasks for Maths and English. Make sure you complete them in your home learning books.

Always remember your title and date for each piece of work that you complete. Keep taking regular breaks during your work and remember to ask for help if you are not sure about something. As we say in school, always do your best and never give up.


There are additional activities for you to extend your learning if you so wish but these are optional tasks. It is important to get the right balance between your school work and having some fun with much more practical and lighter tasks.


You will also see that you have some well being and mindfulness activities too. Have a look at these and choose those you would like to do. Take care of your mental well being and have fun.


This week, the focus for Maths is on 2D and 3D Shapes

This week, the focus for English is on Reading Comprehension, Joining Sentences and Spelling

This week, the focus for Spelling is on prefixes re and bi 



In addition to or as an alternative to the English and Maths lessons below, BBC Bitesize are introducing a Home Learning section to their website. From Monday 20th April at 9am, you will be able to access daily English and Maths lesson here as well as core subjects too.

Year 3 - 2-D Shapes - Teaching Resource

Fossils for Kids | Learn all about how fossils are formed, the types of fossils and more!

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Year 3 - 3D Shapes - Teaching Resource

Nets of Shapes | Geometry | Year 3 Maths

English Lesson 4

Puzzles infantiles - figuras Tangram fáciles para niños - By CARA BIN BON BAND

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English Lesson 5 (Spellings) 

There is a powerpoint presentation introducing the new spellings for the week ahead and a range of activities for you to complete. Spend today (Friday) completing the tasks and the weekend and the following week learning your spellings. Get your mum or dad to test you on Friday (24/04/20) to see how well you have done before you get your new spelling list. Keep a record of how well you are doing with your weekly spellings.