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Week 7 (Commencing 4th May 2020)

Weekly Home Learning Planner 

Maths and English

BBC Bitesize (Monday - Wednesday)                                                                            Extension tasks are available for Maths and English if needed   



There are no spelling tasks for this week


Mindfulness and Wellbeing 

Choose some of the Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities (Monday - Wednesday)




Scratch Project - Imagine a World (Optional)


Family Lockdown Challenge


Get your family involved in the Family Lockdown Challenge



VE Day Celebrations 


A range of fun and creative activities to celebrate VE Day (Thursday)



Make sure you have a break on Friday. It is a bank holiday so use the time to do some fun, family activities and, hopefully, enjoy the sunshine. Try to complete some of the VE Day Activities as this is what the UK are remembering and celebrating on Friday (Bank Holiday). 


Have a great week, Year 3. Keep doing your best. You are doing brilliantly.


Mrs Dent

Access your daily Maths and English Activities from this Link

Computing Projects