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Week Beginning 15th June

Dear Parents,

As some children are returning to school this week, for the time being, I have made Thursday our new spelling test day.


We will be using the daily ‘BBC Bitesize’ lessons. These can be found by visiting:

If your child is finding the activities easy, please see the additional activities at the bottom of the webpage. I will also add more optional challenging activities.


(There are still videos available which match the BBC daily lessons on the ‘White Rose Maths’ page which you might wish to use first. Please note that you cannot access the ‘White Rose’ worksheets anymore so you will then need to use the BBC resources.)

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Harris

Hello Year 1,

This week, many of you will be returning to school. I am very excited about seeing you all again. Please don't be nervous or worried. Mrs Brogan and I will be there to welcome you and to help you each day.

If you are not coming back to school just yet, you will be able to share what we are doing as I will put all the fun things on our Year 1 page! Don't forget, you will all be together at home on Thursdays and Fridays.

I would also love to see what you are doing, so keep sending in your emails and photos.

Have an amazing week!

Love from

Mrs Harris


Well Being

We will be colouring a 'stay safe' rainbow in class this week. If you are staying at home, you might like to colour one whilst you listen to the 'Touch a Rainbow' song (see resources).

I have also added a rainbow well being activity and a science outdoors set of challenges. Have fun!