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Week Beginning 20th July

Goodbye, See You Soon!

A special song from Mrs Harris to Year 1

Hello Year 1 for the final time!


This is our last week of home learning together and your last week in Year 1! When you come back to school in September, you will be in Year 2 and you will love it. I taught in Year 2 not long ago and there are some fabulous topics that you will really enjoy! Mrs Brogan is an amazing teacher and she will be lucky to have such a wonderful class!

Although it has been a strange year, I feel very lucky that I have been able to see all of you either at school or during our ‘Zoom’ meetings. I am very proud of all of you whether you have been in school or have done all your learning at home. 

 As I cannot send certificates home with you at the moment, I have made some very special ones. You can ask a grown-up to print them for you.
I hope that you all enjoy your well-deserved summer holiday and come back safe and ready to learn again in September! Please do remember to give me a wave and tell me any exciting news.
Love from

Mrs Harris

Dear Parents/Carers,

I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your support this year. I has not been the easiest of school years and I know that home learning has come with its challenges!

It has been lovely to see many of the children in Year 1 return to school with happy faces and embracing being back with their friends. They have dealt with the changes with maturity and reminded me of why I love my job.

For those of you, who have continued with home learning, thank you for doing so. Thank you for taking time to share their achievements with me whether via emails, photos or ‘Zoom’.

I hope that you have the chance to enjoy at least some of the school summer holiday.

Take care and keep safe,

Mrs Harris

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