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Week Beginning 22nd June

Dear Parents,

Just to reassure you that the content for lessons on the home learning pages is also what is being taught in class. I do plan on a weekly basis and this is shared with Mrs Brogan and also taught to the children who are in her ‘bubble’

Please use the ‘White Rose’ Year 1 Maths lessons first as the presentations tend to be more useful.

When you have watched this, please go to the ‘BBC Bitesize Daily lessons’ for worksheets & more activities.

If your child is finding the activities easy, please see the additional activities on the webpage. I will also add more optional challenging activities.


Hello Year 1,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend. After all the rain which we had last week, I really enjoyed being in my garden. At long last, the flower seeds which I planted weeks and weeks ago were big enough to be planted outside. I am now looking forward to seeing some flowers quite soon!


I also managed to see my great-nephew who is now one year old. He has learnt how to walk and kept everybody busy rushing around the park! He loves meeting people but isn't big enough to understand that he can't go up to people at the moment!


For those of you who have returned to school, this is now your second week and I am really proud of how you settled back in. Our classroom looked a little strange to when you last saw it. It was also quite hard not being able to use the toys, but you managed and I am very proud of you! I am already looking forward to this week!


If you are busy learning at home, it was lovely to see some of you at our ‘Zoom’ meeting. These are every two weeks so our next meeting will be on 3rd July. I know that I am very lucky to be able to see and speak with you again whether it is in school or using 'Zoom'. It made me realise how much I have missed you all and being your teacher.

Have a happy week.


Love from 

Mrs Harris

Well Being

This week there are a few activities for you to choose from. Do look at the 'Worry Monster Poem' before you choose an activity sheet. I hop that you will enjoy doing these activities.