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Week Beginning 8th June

Dear Parents,

For this week’s maths lessons, we will be using the daily ‘BBC Bitesize’ lessons. These can be found by visiting:

There are still videos available which match the BBC daily lessons on the ‘White Rose Maths’ page which you might wish to use first.

Please note that you cannot access the ‘White Rose’ worksheets anymore so you will need to use the BBC resources.


Should you wish to complete more maths activities, I have added some weekly challenges, but these are purely optional!


Take care,

Mrs Harris

Dear Year 1,

I hope that you had a lovely half term holiday. I really enjoyed meeting up with some of my family – even if it was from a distance!

I hope that you are ready to start learning again. As well as the work for this week, I have also prepared some new 'Chilli Challenges' for you.

Love from

Mrs Harris

Well Being Activity

Go for a walk with your children and be mindful of all the beautiful colours you can see. Get them to write
what they see in each colour of the rainbow. They might see several things that are red, yellow, blue, green
and orange.
The aim of the session is to use their power of sight to notice things around them right now in the present
When they have written the things in the rainbow they can carefully colour their rainbows with coloured
pencils so as not to hide the writing.