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Week commencing 13th July

Hello to all Year 5s and parents!


The weather wasn't great last week - the only thing that was good about it was that my garden got a good watering. My mint and coriander plants are growing well and I am using them for cooking and for making mint tea. This is something that people drink in Algeria every day and my daughters love it. It's very traditional and has to be prepared in a very particular way. Have a look at this video clip which shows how to prepare it in a similar way to us but we put less sugar.

This week's learning:



This week there is more work on measures and time from White Rose and BBC Bitesize so, as before, watch the Whiterose videos first then complete the corresponding activities over at BBC Bitesize.

Extra Challenge - Maths Timetables

These are optional.

Watch the Powerpoint first; there are three work sheets to choose from and they go from easier to difficult. Choose the level that suits you.


Some great stories to look at this week and a focus on parenthesis to revise and practise grammar.


Keep practising with spelling set 62 and you should find that when you go on Spellingframe, you are presented with a different range of the spellings each time.

Chilli Challenge

Keep going with your Chilli Challenge and try to send in some pictures of your achievements.

Optional activities