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Week commencing 20th April

Hello all Year 5s and parents,

I hope your week is going well; the weather certainly has been lovely. What are your plans for the day?

I made 240 borek (meat rolls) on Wednesday (with the help of Anisa) and even though it took ages, it felt good to have achieved it.

Here are some pictures we took. We freeze the borek as soon as we have made them and when we want to eat them we just fry them for a few minutes or cook them in the oven. We also make vegetarian ones using soft cheese and spinach.

I used spring roll pastry sheets to make the rolls but you can use filo pastry. First I fried chicken mince with onion and I added some spices: coriander, ginger, pepper and also fresh coriander, lemon and salt. I cut the pastry into strips and put a spoonful of mixture in each one, then I rolled them up and sealed the edges with milk.

Well Being

There's nothing quite as relaxing as watching nature in action. Check out the live cams at Edinburgh zoo. The penguins are so cute and if you are lucky you might spot a tiger. Feeding time seems to be between 9 and 9.30 for the penguins and it is so cute to watch. Look closely at the penguins and you might spot the grey coloured one.



Monday 20th April

Have a go at the activities below which revise work on negative numbers.


Tuesday 21st April 

Today's activities revise addition and subtraction.


Wednesday 22nd April

Today's activity looks at multi-step problems.


Thursday 23rd April

Today's activity is all about multiples and factors.


Friday 24th April

Today's activity is a series of Maths Challenges made by White Rose! They are quite tricky- have a go and the answers will be available on Monday.


Here is the list of spellings for this week. You can practise spelling set 56 at Spellingframe but don't forget to write them down and ask someone to test you on them as well.


Chilli Challenge 

Don't forget to keep up with your Chilli Challenges