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Week Commencing 20th July

Geography Extension Task

Try a variety of Italian foods! Explain to children that because of its location. Italy has historically had
good trade links with other countries in Europe and North Africa *

Italians had easy access to a wide variety of different food for centuries before other countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom.
• Here are some examples of foods from these regions that are commonly used in Italy: olives; almonds;
figs; artichoke; citrus fruits; hazel nuts; pomegranate; mozzarella; goat/sheep cheese; parmesan;
ricotta; capers; sardines; aubergine; salami; prosciutto; polenta; peppers; beans; dark greens such as
broccoli, spinach and kale; grapes; raisins; rye bread; focaccia; chestnuts. Provide children with some of
these foods to taste.
• Children can complete the Food Tasting sheet as they try the foods. At the bottom of the sheet there is a
blank tally sheet which can be used by children to take a simple survey.
• Challenge children to think of their own question for a survey, based on the food tasted.
* You may wish to show children a map and discuss in more detail why its central location and the Mediterranean Sea allow for strong trade links.