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Week commencing 20th July

Well being

This week and over the summer break, you should continue to take time for yourself to relax your body and mind. This could include going for a walk and enjoying the wonders of nature that surround us; you could listen to music or find a quiet place to read a good book. A really relaxing activity is to do a jigsaw - maybe you have one already that you could complete with your family.


This week's Maths is the BBC Bitesize home learning so look out for the Maths activities each day, starting with Monday 20th July. I have uploaded some worksheets from White Rose Maths to go with the activities that you can choose to complete if you wish. There may be a couple that you have done before but remember that Maths is all about practice.

Additional Maths Worksheets that you can choose to complete


This week's English is all about the lockdown so is very relevant to what has been happening. Several grammar points are revised and at the end of the week you are going to create your own poem.

Chilli Challenge

Try to complete some more activities from the Chilli Challenge this week and send some pictures of what you have been doing.