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Week commencing 23rd March

Message for Friday 27th March

Hi Year 5s,

I hope you are all managing well with your home learning. Have you all managed to do the Joe Wicks' workout? Don't forget to do some of your Chilli Challenge work on North America.

Try to do as much reading as you can while you are at home. It will really boost your comprehension skills and it is great to lose yourself in a good book.


Today, we all did a zumba workout that we found online which was great fun. Have a look at the link to the gonoodle activities on the front of the home learning page where you can find lots of fun things to do, including dance and fitness activities.


I miss having you in the class but I know that you will do your best to keep up with the home learning activities and be good for your parents. If you can, get your parents to tweet what you are doing on Twitter.





5 days of learning. Includes video tutorials, a pupil activity and answers for the adults.

You should be doing the fifth activity on Friday 27th.  Remember that it doesn't matter if you make mistakes-they are part of learning.



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